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With 9gag you’re never alone

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Nowadays, in these modern and technologic times, people meet in some other ways. The invention of Internet has changed everything- the way of living, the way of communicating and in the end, way of meeting new people and socializing.

There is a new tool, an always uprising webpage. It is called 9gag and it is one of the fastest-growing user-submitted meme sites. The name originally from the fact that on the beginning, the webpage was showing 9 comics. It was established in 2008. In 2012. it was the 266th most visited web-page in the world and in Croatia, 9gag was 49th most visited webpage. Now is 2014. and I can assure you that the numbers has gone up. This webpage has become a new way of meeting new cultures, meeting new people and exchanging opinions through commenting funny memes.


The thing that amazes me the most is the fact that somebody from France just got home from work, someone from Great Britain is on his laptop before going out and I'm online while drinking my cup of coffee. At the same time, this number of people from all around of world is at the same time on this webpage, giggling at the same things. Fascinating, right?


The thing that's even more interesting that sometimes you think about certain things. And you're definitely sure that you're the only person in the world who is spending time thinking about this thing. But, you check 9gag one day and you see that someone posted something about this thing you were thinking about. And this person is from Spain and you don't know him and you won't probably ever meet him. You're speechless. At this moment you realize that we're all people, after all. No matter of the gender, place of living, education or any other differences, we're all the same. Like it's written on the page „With 9gag you're never alone“ and it's true, there you can always find people who share same opinions as you do.


But, that's not completely true. Maybe you're an introvert and have your problems with finding friends outside of the Internet and you'll have an illusion that you have plenty of friends but you'll end up feeling all alone. As it was written already, 9gag community is growing so fast and has so many people that this memes found their way in normal, everyday communication. If you're socially awkward or your friends don't browse this page as often as you do, they won't understand the viral memes or you. And again, you'll have the same feeling.


I can't predict its future or how long it will last. But I think that, like every other thing, has its peak and after that the end. I can't say if the 9gag has come to its peak, maybe has more place for growing, but one thing is sure- eventually it will come to its end because in times like this, everything is changing so fast.


Author: Ana Tavić, udruga Alfa Albona

Published: Thu, 21/08/2014 - 16:24

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