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Need info on Croatia?
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Thinking about moving to Croatia? Find out where to get info about the country

Of course, you can do a Google search. You'll end up with loads of information of questional quality and help to you, mostly on tourism. But if you're thinking of coming here for a longer period, e.g. for studying, voluteering or working, you might need different kind of information. 


We recommend the following sites which contain information you can trust:


Study in Croatia - this is a comprehensive source of information about higher education in Croatia aimed at prospective international students. The portal presents an overview of the Croatian higher education system, practical information about application procedures, student life, visas and accommodation and scholarships. Additionally, the portal provides information on learning Croatian as a foreign language, as well as general information about Croatia. There is also a Facebook page of this portal, where you can follow study opportunities in Croatia. 


Croatia.eu - visit this site for a wide range of information on the land and its people - form geography and population, through history, current political and economic structures, to education, science and culture. The site is developed by the Miroslav Krleža Institute of Lexicography, in cooperation with the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and is available in English, French and Croatian.

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