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Educating Informal Caregivers

We are pleased to announce that the EPIONI Erasmus+ KA1 project entitled “Educating Informal Caregivers” was approved by the Greek National Agency for the Erasmus+ in the fields of Education and Training.

This approved project by the State's Scholarships Foundation will offer training to EPIONI Greek Carers Network  members in effective management of EU funded projects. It will also facilitate the exchange of best practices and the understanding of the European dimension through study visits in various organizations with considerable experience in the support of informal caregivers.

The project will train carers’ representatives from Greece and facilitate the transfer of know-how from organizations like Care Alliance (Ireland), Compagnie des Aidants (France), ANT (Italy), and Eurocarers (Belgium). The participants in shadow visits will learn new ways to stimulate the audience of EPIONI workshops and events and practice new skills for planning and managing annual educational projects for informal caregivers.

The “Educating Informal Caregivers” project will enable caregivers from Greece to build on acquired skills and experiences, be in a position to disseminate the results and extend collaboration with other EU countries.

The project will kick-off in October 2018 and will run until July 2020.

We would like to thank all our partners for supporting our initiative and we look forward to a fruitful and lasting collaboration.

Project number: 2018-1-EL01-KA104-047475


For further information, please visit the website here:

Published: Thu, 27/09/2018 - 11:33

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