Tairseach Eorpach na hÓige
Eolas agus deiseanna do dhaoine óga ar fud na hEorpa.

Get moving with Move Week!

Sport and physical activity can improve your quality of life by giving you more strength and energy & helping you better manage stress and sleep better. Start things rolling with Move Week!

What is it?

MOVE Week is an annual Europe-wide event showcasing the benefits of being active and participating regularly in sport and physical activity and their positive impact on European societies.


During the week, participating organisations or cities organise events to mobilise citizens to come together and participate in sport or other physical activities: clubs introducing non‑members to their sports, walkathons, running events, dance and gymnastic events – any popular activity that can rally people to join in. Above all it’s essential to have fun while promoting sport and physical activity and gathering the local community around a common activity.


Take part in the MOVE Week!

MOVE Week is open to everybody of all ages from all over Europe. By participating in the Move Week’s activities, you and your organisation, your city or your community will enjoy the benefits for much longer than just one week.


Organise an event and join the MOVE Agents team!

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