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Cueillette, wwoofing et backpackers en Nouvelle-Zélande

Fancy discovering France or an other country in a different way? Do you care for the environment and organic food? Wwoofing is for you!

What Wwoofing is

Is there a better way to discover a country than staying with locals?

Wwoofing is an international network of organic farms which is based on exchanging. It helps people get in contact so that they can spend some time with farmers and help them in their daily work while they get accommodation and food in exchange. PLEASE NOTE that you will not get any money for your work.


Wwoofing is for…

…all from the age of 18. There is no age limit. Some farms also host families. Just make sure that your host also offers activities which are suitable for children.


How it works 

There are two parties in Wwoofing : a farmer or an individual who offers an activity in organic farming or eco-building, and a person who travels and is willing to commit and help while getting free accommodation and food. Wwoofers participate to various tasks (animal care, gardening, eco-building, housework...) during 4 to 6 hours a day, up to 6 days per week.

Each country has a dedicated Wwoofing website ( You will have to join the Wwoof association based in the country where you plan to go. The price may vary from one country to the other (around 20 €). Once you joined, you can access the list of hosts for the country you chose, which is sorted by regions and available in paper and in electronic form.

Make sure you check formalities and the price for a visa in the country you choose. Also check how much it costs to get there. You will need insurance to cover your activities while wwoofing.

Once you have joined, you will be able to check comments on different farms and send your application to the farm of your choice.

Wwoof organisations offer supervision and mediation in case things go wrong.

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