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Work camps for young volunteers

Do you feel like volunteering and meeting other young people with different cultural backgrounds in France or abroad? Take part to the activities of a work camp for young volunteers!

What is a work camp?

  • A gathering of young people around a community project
  • The discovery of a culture or region of France or another country
  • An educative and participative approach
  • A human, intercultural and international experience


The types of work camps

In France or in another country, work camps for young volunteers generally last 2 to 3 weeks and give young people an opportunity to commit to a project with a general interest dimension which covers one of the following themes:

  • Building
  • Safeguarding and Enhancement of Cultural Heritage
  • Protection of the environment and sustainable development
  • Youth work
  • Solidarity and social diversity


Who can take part?

Work camps are open to all young people from 14 to 30. No specific skill is required, you simply have to be very motivated. Volunteers usually commit to their project 30 hours per week. If you want to take part to a work camp abroad, you have to be 18.


What conditions?

The conditions vary according to the camp. In general, the accommodation and food costs are covered but you need to pay for the transport and visa costs. If you join a camp association, your social security will be most probably covered.


How to find a work camp?

If you have questions or need some help to find a camp, you can contact Cotravaux, this organisation gathers many associations which organise work camps in France and abroad.

Published: Wed, 07/08/2013 - 17:01

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