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How to find a job in France

Whether it is your first job or not, looking for a job is often a full-time job in itself. Here are some tips for your job hunting.

Get to know yourself

Before starting your job hunt, take some time to ask yourself the right questions: what are you good at, what skills has someone complimented you on, what are you passionate about, what are your skills and gifts, what kind of work are you looking for or which job are you made for ? Don’t hesitate to take a personality test, it may help you to find out which type of career suits your personality best.


Answer to job offers and upload your CV

Update your CV and connect to job sites, starting with Pôle emploi and focus on the job you are looking for by filling in some keywords, the location, the area and the type of contract you wish to obtain. Then, you only have to send your application according to the job offers you will have found.

Don’t forget to upload your CV so that recruiters can consult your CV online and contact you even before publishing the job offer if you match with their vacancy! It can also be an opportunity for a temporary work agency to contact you and offer you a mission.


Sign up for alerts on your mailbox

Most the job sites offer this service. You don’t have to spend hours doing the same research everyday, job offers come to you!


Send spontaneous job applications

When sending spontaneous job applications, the advantage is that you apply for a position that you like. But be careful, you have to make sure you send your application to the right person, and adapt your cover letter according to the specific position you are aiming at. Also, it is very important to call the company back later in order to check if they have received your application and show them how motivated you are.


Attend job fairs

Every month, many job fairs are organised in major French cities. It is a good occasion to meet recruiters, leave them your CV, go for job interviews and attend some “coaching” workshops. These job fairs are regularly published on the European Youth Portal, under “event”.


Develop your network!

Stay in touch with your old friends, classmated and teachers on professional social networks such as LinkedIn or Viadeo. Also, feel free to go and talk to people who work in the same area as you. You don’t have anything to loose, on the contrary, it’s always a good thing to inform them about your skills and availability. Once you know that 70% of job offers are not published, you understand the importance of networking better.


Prepare your job interviews

If someone calls you for an interview, it means that your profile interests the company, which is a good point. Now, the ball is in your court. The person who is in charge of recruiting is probably going to interview several candidates so here comes the difficult part: you are going to have to stand out! In order to do so, here are some tips:

  • Do some research on the company

  • Highlight your skills according to the position

  • Learn how to manage your stress

  • Anticipate the questions they may ask you

  • Prepare some questions about the mission and/or the company

  • Don’t forget to take care of your appearance!

Good luck!

Published: Tue, 17/06/2014 - 17:06

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