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Learn a language through conversation exchange!

If you want to master a language, use it! Get rid of the old excuse that you have no one to practice Dutch or Portuguese. Join a conversation exchange and improve your skills for free!

A conversation exchange or tandem is quite simple: if you speak French and want to improve your Greek skills you need to find a Greek partner that learns French. Usually if you meet for an hour, you should split the time 50/50, so 30 minutes in French and 30 minutes in Greek. It is a unique opportunity to widen your world and maybe make some friends. Besides that, bear in mind that a good command of foreign languages is essential to making one’s way in the labour market.


Tips to have a successful tandem:


  1. Check that both your timetables are compatible and clarify how often would you like to meet.
  2. Your partner is not a teacher, he or she might not be able to answer tricky grammar questions.
  3. Take it seriously! Write down new vocabulary and review before your next meeting.
  4. Don’t be scared to make mistakes. State with your pal how much would you like to be corrected. Usually the best answer is the middle scenario, don’t correct down to the last detail (and demoralise your partner) but don’t ignore big mistakes.
  5. Be kind and don’t try to spend more time in the language you are learning.
  6. If you want to focus on a topic, tell your tandem. If you have nothing in common and conversation is difficult, it is not a big deal, search another.


Usually you meet via website or app, but you can also search for tandem in your city and meet in person or establish a pen pal. Here you can find some useful platforms to start a conversation. Some may have premium paid options with tutors.


Published: Fri, 17/03/2017 - 11:46

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