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Erasmus+ Joint Master Degrees

Studying in a foreign country is a valuable experience, but doing your master degree in several countries is even better! Studying in one, two or three countries is possible, as long as you have a very good application file!

What is a Joint Master Degree?

  • A study programme delivered by an international consortium of higher education institutions
  • A master degree available in all disciplines
  • An Erasmus+ programme, also known as « Erasmus Mundus »


1 master, 3 higher education institutions

Choose the master degree which interests you and go studying in several countries! You are obliged to go studying in at least two European countries, but you can also join a non-European higher education institution as long as it belongs to the consortium.

Every Joint Master is composed of at least three higher education institutions of three European countries and is coordinated by one of them. Nevertheless, it may have some non-European partners.


Financial support

Management and participation fees (enrolment, insurance, language courses, etc.) are partially covered by Erasmus+. They vary from 4 500 to 9 000 € according to whether you are a European student or not.

An excellence grant is given to the most brilliant students. It includes accommodation costs (1.000€ per month) and travel and living costs (from 1.000 to 4.000€ whether you are a EU student or not).



Interested? Contact the consortium offering the Master Course of your choice.

Apply by 18th February 2016.

Published: Fri, 31/10/2014 - 12:35

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