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Testimony of a French girl volunteering in Spain


“EVS is an experience you can live only once in your life and you have to live to understand”.

My name is Emilie, I’m French and I did a European voluntary service in Juvenil Intercambia association in Malaga.


Everything started on 1st April 2014 at Paris-Orly airport. While I was in the waiting room, I felt fear engulf me and the only thing I wanted was running home. Suddenly, the idea of going to Spain didn’t seem that nice. I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish, didn’t know anything about my flatmates, neither about the work I was going to do... Ususally, I am not afraid of the unknown, but being alone in this big airport, taking a plane for (almost) the first time, terrorized me. I had lots of questions in head and my heart was beating widly.


Later on the same day, in my new home of Malaga. It is a warm Spain I have found. My flatmates were waiting for me with something to eat, to drink, and with large smiles. At this moment, I knew that I was about to live nine incredible months… and that is exactly what happened!



I had an amazing time on both personal and professional levels. I don’t think something bad happened to me. I got along very well with my flatmates and the other volunteer who was working with me. Thanks to them, I am now living Malaga with more energy and strength than ever and I really don’t know how to thank them for all they did to me.


Sharing my EVS with so many people from different nationalities was very enriching! I learnt a lot about cultures and I really want to continue in this way.


I have worked on several projects (labour camp, festival, exchanges, etc.) and I have taken every experience as an opportunity to learn something new, which helped me to gain confidence.


Finally, I didn’t expect French and Spanish cultures to be so different. I felt in love with Spain, especially Andalusia. Its heat, landscapes, fiestas and inhabitants… This region exudes happiness and I’ll bring back with me the smile of every person I have crossed paths.



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