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Are you an EVS? Get InVOLved!

InVOLve, le réseau social des volontaires européens SVE

Whether you were, are or is about to be a volunteer, if you need advice, want to meet other volunteers who are doing their EVS in the same country, or just want to share your experience…. Join the InVOLve network!

What is it

  • InVOLve, it is the EVS network

  • A place for meeting and sharing about your EVS project
  • A sharing tool to discover tips, anecdotes, etc.


Who is it for

There is just one condition you have to meet : to be a volunteer.

This network is open to past, current and future volunteers!


How to enroll

You only have to fill in the form online to appear on the volunteer map!

Once you registered, you will receive a confirmation email. Check that it is not placed in your spasm folder.


Some volunteers have already enrolled! Join them!

The InVOLve network is an initiative of the French Erasmus+ Agency.

Published: Thu, 07/05/2015 - 11:09

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