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Access culture without spending too much

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Feel like discovering France, its cultural treasures and Paris without spending much? It is possible!

Free access to museums for Europeans under 26

If you are under 26 or a teacher who has been a resident for more than 3 months in one of the 28 EU countries,  you can get free access to permanent collections in the French 50 national museums and monuments (Arc de triomphe, Versailles, Chambord and Fontainebleau castles, Mont-Saint-Michel, and more). All you need to do in order to get a ticket for free is go to the museum and show an official document which states your age (identity card, passport, residence permit). List of free access national museums and monuments in France


Reduction cards and passes

  • ISIC Card (International Student Identity Card)

Buy it for 13€ and you will benefit from a wide range of discounts to travel, go to cultural venues, concerts and shows, leisure activities, etc. It is aimed at students and secondary school pupils. All you need to produce when applying is a student card or a certificate from your school as well as a passport photo.


  • IYTC Card (International Youth Travel Card)

It is aimed at young people under 26 (students or not). Card holders may benefit from discounts worldwide for cultural activities, travelling, exhibitions, leisure activities, etc. Price: 13 €.

You can apply for these cards online:


  • Culture cards or passes

If you would like to discover the cultural diversity of a city, there is nothing like using a discount card or pass which will allow you visit different local cultural partner institutions! Some cities in France offer that possibility. More information on the website of the city where you are or from the French Youth Information network. 

Enjoy PARIS for 0€

“Kiosques Jeunes” offer young people under 30 invitations and cheap tickets for a wide range of events which take place in Paris: concerts, theatre, fairs or sports events, etc. Find out more.

“Pass Jeunes” is aimed at 15-25 year olds who live in Paris. It is valid from 1st of July to 31st August. You can use it to get free or cheap access to more than 22 cultural, sports and leisure activities. You can get this pass made of 36 vouchers from “Kiosques Jeunes”. Register here.

Paris for free: Permanent collections in the most prestigious museums, gigs in bars and cafés, open air cinema, artist studio visits, gastronomy, sports, etc. Paris offers a wide range of free events throughout the year. Once a month, entrance to Paris national museums is free for all. Guide and event calendar of Paris for free.

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