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Nuit Blanche

Every year at the beginning of October, celebrate contemporary art and discover the city of Paris in a new light!

What is Nuit Blanche?

  • An artistic event
  • A stream of art installations and performances  
  • A free and open to all event
  • An unforgettable night!


An international event

Nuit Blanche (or White Night) was born in 2002 in Paris. Since then, it has developed in some European capitals such as Roma, Brussels or Madrid, but also in some other cities in the world like Montreal, Toronto, Metz, Lima, etc.


Every year, this night of contemporary art brings together more than fifty famous and international artists. Most of them are coming from abroad with only one objective: to make their public vibrate.



A night for all!

All aspects of contemporary creation will be gathered in one and only night: spectacular or intimate events, ephemeral or perennial creations, spectacles or installations, sculptures or street art, circus or modern dance, etc. Every year, these pieces turn the city into an open-air museum, just for a night…

Published: Mon, 29/09/2014 - 17:02

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