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Benefits for young people in France

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Young people in France are entitled to some benefits to help them to improve their daily life, get a first job or take their place in working life. You’d better know them!

Just like the European Union set up the Guarantee against youth unemployement, the French government has established some benefits and financial helps for young people living in France.


Emplois d’avenir

It is a chance for the 16-25 years old who are not graduated and don’t have a job to get a first working experience and acquire skills. This opportunity can be permanent or temporary (1-3 year contract). Beneficiaries can also be accompanied to resolve any eventual accommodation, health or mobility problem.


Contrats de génération

The French State gives a financial help of 4.000€ per year, during 3 years, to all companies with less than 300 employees which recruit an employee who is less than 26 on a permanent contract while keeping another employee aged 57 or more. 


Service civique

Any 16-25 years old young people who are from a European country or the European Economic Area can be a Civic Service Volunteer. A Civic Service Volunteer commits 6-12 months to a general interest mission in France or abroad in different fields (education, culture, sport…) and receives 467,34€ per month, 106,31€ per months for food and transport expenses, benefits form a social protection and a discount card.


Revenu de solidarité active (RSA)

Any job-seeker aged 25 and more who live in France can ask for this welfare benefit. Its goal is to provide a minimum income for unemployed workers with the aim of encouraging them to find one. The amount of this benefit varies depending on your status (single, couple, with children, etc). A single person can benefit from a 524,16€ help per month. Young people aged 18-24 can also benefit from the RSA if they can prove they have worked full-time for 2 years during the last 3 years.


Prime d’activité

It is a complement for low-wage workers aged under 25 so that they do not suffer the perverse effects of earning less through employment than unemployment. Some students aged 25 and can benefit from this help under conditions. The amount if fixed according to the wages of the beneficiary.


Housing benefits

If you are studying in France, you can benefit from different helps: housing allowances, accommodation in halls of residence and a renting guarantee for students.


Besides these benefits, you may also be entitled to other helps from your regional or city council. Ask them direcly to find out!

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