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Taking selfies & texting at the wheel

The surprisingly dangerous history of the selfie

Taking selfies while driving, like phoning or texting at the wheel, can kill you.

Car crashes are the main cause of death among young drivers. A main cause is lack of attention to the road, which slows reaction speed. Taking photos or checking your Facebook status behind the wheel pose a real danger to your safety – and that of other road users.


A survey conducted by Ford on 7,000 smartphone users between 18 and 24 from 7 European countries showed that one in 4 had taken a selfie while driving. Nearly half  admitted they'd taken a photo with their smartphone while on the road, while one in 4 had used social media. And no fewer than 916 status updates were sent using the #drivingselfie hashtag in an average month (see the infographics).


More and more car accidents - including fatal ones – involve drivers taking selfies. Driving demands that you maintain full control of your vehicle at all times. Taking a selfie distracts you for 14 seconds - and checking social networks can distract you for a full 20 seconds.


That's long enough for a car travelling at 100 km/h to cover 5 football fields!


To use your smartphone, find a safe place to park and take your time. For more tips on safe driving, check out this wiki page.


The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC), which seeks to reduce transport-related death and injury, can help you keep up-to-date on transport safety in the EU.

Published: Fri, 27/11/2015 - 12:44

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