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Housing benefit in France

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Whether you are a French or a foreign student, you are entitled to housing benefit.

Housing allowance

You can only apply for this allowance once you have moved to France. Nevertheless, you must have a valid residence permit to be entitled to this allowance.


There are two types of housing allowances:

  • APL (Personalised housing allowance)
  • ALS (Social housing allowance)


This allowance, which students benefit from in the same way as other citizens, is paid by the family benefit fund, CAF.     



Accommodation in halls of residence

Crous is the organisation which is in charge of running halls of residence for students.

  • If you have been awarded a grant: Cnous and Crous will be responsible for your application and will make your moving easier (finding accommodation in halls of residence, enrolling at university, administrative formalities, etc.).

  • If you have not been awarded a grant: Crous can only allocate a place in a hall of residence to a student without grant if there is a place available. Priority goes to low-income students.


Important:  Applications for accommodation must be made between 15th January and 30th April for the following academic year. A Dossier Social Étudiant (DSE) - or application for grants and accommodation - must be completed online. The Crous website you need to visit depends on the city you have chosen to study in.



CLÉ renting guarantee for students

CLÉ is a State insurance which helps students without a guarantor to get easier access to housing.



  • Be a student and look for housing in France
  • Have steady income but no guarantee from family, friend or a bank 
  • Be 28 years old or less on September 1st of the year when the lease is signed
  • Be 28 years old or more on September 1st of the year when the lease is signed, if you are a foreign student with a PhD


CLÉ is a personal guarantee. In the case of a sharing, every flatmate must sign up for CLÉ. Furthermore, the lease must not include a solidarity clause.


How to apply for CLÉ?

Create a "student account" on Lokaviz and once you are logged in, go to the main menu and choose "Ma caution locative" to access the CLÉ request form.


Published: Fri, 11/07/2014 - 14:49

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