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Информация и възможности за млади хора в Европа

Student accommodation in France

Looking for a place to stay during the academic year? It is not easy to find a place at a reasonable price, especially in Paris and other big cities!

Campus student houses (Cités U)

This is the cheapest and the most wanted type of student accommodation. Priority goes to students who have a grant. A limited number of bedrooms may be available to foreign students. You may be offered a bedroom with or without furniture.You will also avail of leisure activity rooms, study rooms and a laundry.




It works in a simple way: You share a large apartment and the rent with other persons. Each of you has his/her own bedroom, but you will have to share the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room. In Paris, the rent may vary from 350 to 500€ for a two-bedroom flat to share. Choose your flatmates carefully and clarify a number of issues as early as possible: cleaning, schedules, deposit and insurance for the flat, possibility to invite friends to stay for the night or not.

Where to find flat sharing offers


Student homes

Specialised companies offer furnished bedrooms of 12 and 40 m² with a small kitchen, a bathroom and toilets. Rents may vary from 300 to 650€ (plus 30 to 50€ for electricity). Make sure you can cover administrative costs which may vary from 300 to 700€. 


Homes for young workers

They are aimed at French or foreign young workers, but students and interns may also live there. You will avail of a furnished flat, a furnished bedroom or a bedsit with a bathroom and a small kitchen, plus access to a laundry, a cafeteria or a canteen.

You will have to pay between 182 and 381€ each month (500€ in Paris), including electricity and water charges. You may apply directly.


Get a bedroom by providing a service

Looking for a place to stay with local people? Check the ads which are on the notice board at your university.

Associations also help students get in contact with families who offer accommodation to students who are willing to do some babysitting or housework for them. Both parties will have to sign a contract. The student will not get paid for his/her work.

Associations which help students get in contact with families


In Paris, you will find accommodation ads at the American Church (65, Quai d'Orsay, Métro Pont de l’Alma).


Other options

Interested in staying in the countryside, sharing in a different way or staying with an elderly person? Find out more in French on: www.jcomjeune.com

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