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Travelling in Europe

Before going on a trip, you need to plan it: check out discount cards, travel guides and travelling portals.

Travelling Portals

Your Europe website gives you plenty of information to start planning your trip: practicalities about the necessary documents, your rights as a passenger in the European Union, what you can take with you on your trip, how to deal with money issues and how to keep safe on your journey.


Visit Europe helps you discover Europe's transport options, like rail networks, cruise options and airlines. You can also explore the best leisure activities, whether you prefer parties, culture or nature and share your own trip or read others’ travel stories around Europe.


Let's Go is a travel guide written entirely by students for students, gathers together 53 years of hard information on how to plan your trip. Check out the free apps featuring thematic walking trips with offbeat places through the most beautiful European cities.


Travel & Save

Budget is a very important part of any trip and you will be glad to know there are cards to make your journey more affordable:

  • European Youth Card: if you are under 30, check out the 60 000 discounts this card can offer you. Search the European map and find reductions on cultural activities, shops, transport, eating out and accommodation.
  • ISIC Card: if you are a student, this internationally recognised student ID card can get you discounts on travel, museums and major tourist attractions worldwide. Check where you can get your card and have access to reductions in around 125 000 locations across almost 130 countries.


Travel Guides

Nowadays you don't have to carry a heavy book around during your journey; with all these online versions you just have to choose the best for your trip:

  • BUG backpackers’ guide: if you are planning on going backpacking, you might want to check out transport, destinations and hostels around Europe, in order to organise better your backpacking adventure.
  • Lonely Planet: You may already know the printed version: search by country to see how to get there, how to get around and what to visit when you arrive.
  • Rough Guide: a worldwide community where you can share your travel experiences.
  • World travel guide: it includes country and city guides, things to see and to do, as well as special information about ski and cruise destinations.

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