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Tobacco-Free Finland by 2040

Tobacco-Free Finland 2040

The government of Finland is urged to undertake policies that make Finland tobacco-free by 2040. This means that tobacco use is reduced by 10 % annually. Nowadays, around one quarter of adults uses tobacco products.

A broad range of trade unions, institutes and organizations representing influential actors of civil society call for concrete measures to support Tobacco-free Finland by 2040. Families need support to raise tobacco-free generations, individuals are encouraged to quit smoking and smoking cessation is strengthened.


Smoking trends in Finland


In 2013, 19 per cent of men and 13 per cent of women in Finland smoked on daily basis. Smoking among men has decreased over the long term. The prevalence of smoking among women has long been steady at the level of the mid-1980s, but has shown a slight downward turn in recent years.


The downward trend in daily smoking among adolescents began at the turn of the century and has continued over the last years. Adolescents start experimenting with smoking at an older age than before in Finland. Daily smoking in comprehensive school has nearly halved since the early 2000s. Nevertheless, in 2013, 13 per cent of pupils in the 8th and 9th year of comprehensive school reported having smoked daily.


Finland has achieved remarkable progress in cutting smoking in the last decades. Quitting rates are persistent and, crucially, less young people are starting smoking at an early age than in the past. Nevertheless smoking among women, once low, has risen where as smoking among men has decreased. Smoking remains a socio-economic problem, with higher levels of tobacco use among the poorest and less educated sections of the population.

Pubblikat: Tli, 14/05/2013 - 18:10

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