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Finnish in Finland training programme

© - Paulus Nugroho R
© - Paulus Nugroho R
Finnish in Finland is a training programme for students of Finnish language and culture. It has been targeted at foreign students who have Finnish language as a main or secondary subject, and are completing their degrees outside Finland.

The traineeships give them an opportunity to get work experience, to learn about Finnish working culture and to use Finnish in authentic situations. Family placements are an option for students who are in the beginning of their Finnish studies. Foreign students completing their degrees in Finland are, unfortunately, ineligible for the programme.


Work placements

Work placements are intended to students of Finnish language and culture who have a good knowledge of the Finnish language and have studied Finnish for at least 2 to 3 years or to recent graduates. In the latter case, the placement should start at the latest within a year after qualification. The duration of the placement is 1 to 6 months. Most placements are available during the summer.


The trainees can work, for example in customer service in museums, as holiday camp counsellors or as assistants in various projects (e.g. summer festivals). Either the employer will pay a salary (about 1,000 €/month) for the trainee or CIMO will pay a grant of 670 €/month and the employer will contribute to the accommodation and/or meal expenses. The trainees will receive help in finding accommodation. They will normally stay in student dormitories.


Family placements

The student should have studied Finnish for at least one year and have sufficient knowledge of Finnish to manage in everyday situations. The trainees live with the families and take part in their daily tasks as family members and look after children of three years of age or more. Trainees work a maximum of 5 hours per day or 25 hours per week and have 2 days off per every working week. The trainees receive pocket money (40 to 70 € per week) and room and board. They will have their own room.


Please read more about the Finnish in Finland programme and how to apply from the CIMO website.

Published: Fri, 10/05/2013 - 22:30

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