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Alex went to Finland via Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme

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© - goodluz
Alex's company offers multilingual websites and marketing strategies to clients operating in international market. Alex wanted to learn from a successful entrepreneur and to get to know business similar to the ones of his clients.

Alex has been running MultilingualStuff since 2010. The company located in Birmingham offers multilingual websites and marketing strategies to clients willing to develop their market internationally. Highly qualified, Alex decided to participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme to get more experience from a successful entrepreneur in another European country and to understand the functioning of a business similar to the ones of his clients. He approached Kalle Kerhonen a successful Finnish business leader and owner of Jeven OY, which currently employs 30 people. The company develops designs and markets indoor ventilation equipment and services both for commercial and domestic use in 19 countries. Jeven OY was exactly the type of company that Alex was looking for!


Alex helped to market Jeven OY’s goods and services in foreign countries. He improved the existing marketing tools such as the website and brochures. He met high-level business leaders and liaised with the company’s partners in 19 countries and searched for new business partners abroad. His knowledge of internet and social media gave Jeven OY a stronger presence on the internet and enhanced its visibility in local and international media.


The exchange provided Alex with a unique cultural and business learning experience. He received invaluable tips on how to become and remain successful. As a result he further developed his business strategy to meet his clients’ expectations and as such acquired new customers and his business expanded. Both entrepreneurs were highly satisfied with the exchange and today they are working in partnership to promote globally a new technology advanced kitchen ventilation "TurboSwing” that Jeven OY put in place. They started with Spain Belgium and China and will continue in several other countries.

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