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Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland: volunteer for 6–12 months in Finland!

EVS volunteer in Finland
Interested in voluntary work? Would you like to discover daily life in Finland and learn Finnish language, too? Apply for a voluntary work period in Finland through the youth exchange organization Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland!

Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland receives volunteers from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America. The voluntary work periods last for 6–12 months. Many of Maailmanvaihto’s volunteers work in Finland among children and youth in the educational or social sector, but also, for instance, voluntary work among disabled people is available. The voluntary work places are situated in different parts of Finland.
Maailmanvaihto’s volunteers come to Finland either through the International Cultural Youth Exchange (ICYE) programme or through the European Voluntary Service (EVS). Through the ICYE programme Maailmanvaihto mainly receives volunteers from outside Europe and through the EVS mainly from Europe.

Maailmanvaihto – ICYE Finland is an over 50-year-old youth exchange organization which sends young people from Finland abroad for voluntary work periods and receives foreign volunteers to Finland. The aim of its activities is to advance intercultural understanding and to provide young adults with learning opportunities.

Interested in the ICYE programme? Please contact the local ICYE office of your country for further information:[view]=country

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Published: Tue, 07/10/2014 - 11:34

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