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Artist-in-residence programmes in Finland for international artists

© - Ariwasabi
© - Ariwasabi
Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP) and Arteles Creative Residency Program are two biggest artist-in-residence programs in Finland. Learn more about these and other artist- in-residence programs in Finland.

Helsinki International Artist Programme (HIAP)


HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme is one of the largest international residency centres in Finland and the only one operating in the capital. The HIAP Residency Programme is offered to arts professionals from a wide range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, Visual and Media Arts, Dance, Theatre and Literature. A Standard Residency includes accommodation and studio space at HIAP Studios free of charge for the duration of 1–3 months. The studios, which combine living and working space, are located in Cable Factory and on the island of Suomenlinna, both in Helsinki, Finland.


Please note that a HIAP Residency includes accommodation and services, but neither a working grant nor travels. In case the applicant needs to cover travels, living cost, materials, etc., she/he should apply support from appropriate sources.


Every year between 70–90 art professionals from around the world are offered a working period of 1–3 months in the HIAP residency studios in Helsinki. HIAP also hosts 80–120 shorter visits by art professionals invited by local art institutions or working independently on their own projects.


If you wish to submit an application for the HIAP Residency Programme, please read the detailed guidelines from HIAP website.


Arteles Creative Residency Program


Since 2010, Arteles Residency Program has welcomed over 150 selected artists, curators, musicians, writers, photographers and designers to explore, experiment & expand their creative practice and thinking, to produce original works and to collaborate with other energetic and ambitious artists & creative professionals for a concentrated period of time from 1 to 3 months in Finnish countryside. Artists taking part in the residency program have come from the fields of Visual Arts, Media Art, Music & Sound, Performing Arts, Design , Architecture, Literature, Research and Philosophy.


All the selected residents will be given financial support by Arteles. The current support given covers 50% of the residency fee.


Residency fees (including support)

23€/day for a single room + studio space

19€/day for a shared room + studio space

(periods 1,2 or 3 months)


Regular fees (without support)

46€/day for a single room + studio space

38€/day for a shared room + studio space


Arteles is a non-profit organisation, which is funded and kept operational by cultural support, fundraising, residency fees and with enormous amount of voluntary work.  Please read more about the Arteles Program and how to apply on Arteles website.


Finnish Artists’ Studio Foundation has listed on their website several other guest studios for artists in Finland.