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Luckan helps finding ways into the Finnish society

Find information, get a mentor and become an active participant in the Finnish society. Or perhaps you would like to help a newcomer to fall in love with your country?

As a newcomer in Finland you may experience that finding information can sometimes be a challenge. First, there is a language barrier. Second, if you are not a pupil or a student, information channels may be less evident. Let’s say, you decide to learn Finnish or Swedish language. Perhaps you are keen to find a job too? But you don’t know where to start. Or perhaps, you are a local who would like to meet international people and show them around your beautiful country? Luckan can help you in realizing such ambitions.


Luckan is the Finland-Swedish information and cultural centre for the population of the metropolitan area of Finland. The center offers the public a wide range of citizen services and activities in Swedish in cooperation with other language and cultural groups locally, regionally and nationally. It also has a weekly meeting point café where you can discuss issues related to being a newcomer in Finland with people of different backgrounds.


If you need information on finding out about public services, education programs, language courses, free time activities or job offers, you can make an appointment with one of the advisers from Luckan’s BRIDGE program. The program organizes many activities and events that can help you to integrate into the Finnish society while having a good time.


If you are interested in meeting the locals and getting to know local ways of life, you may want to register for FIKA program. You could be introduced to a local volunteer who would act as your mentor and help you with your first steps making you feel at home in Finland. If you are a local, it is also an opportunity not to be missed. If you are eager to become an ambassador of your own culture and society do not look any further. Intercultural exchanges can be realized without leaving your home country!


Currently Luckan provides services in Helsinki capital region, Porvoo and Kirkkonummi.

Published: Tue, 28/10/2014 - 12:02

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