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European Solidarity Corps in Norcia: first volunteers in Italy

1 year 2 weeks ago

A first group of European Solidarity Corps volunteers has arrived in Norcia, Italy, to help with the ongoing efforts to repair damage and rebuild social services for the local community affected by the severe earthquakes that hit the region a year ago. The 16 young European Solidarity Corps volunteers – participating in the project 'European Youth for Norcia' led by Italian organisation 'Kora' – will help reconstruct historic buildings heavily damaged by the earthquakes, including the Basilica of San Benedetto and the Monastery of the Benedictines. They will also work with the young and the elderly of Norcia, organising workshops, outdoor activities and cultural events. The project they are participating in is one of three projects under the European Solidarity Corps currently selected for activities in the Italian regions affected by earthquakes. In total, 230 European Solidarity Corps members will support Italian communities hit by the earthquakes until 2020, and €790,000 has been granted for these projects. The European Solidarity Corps provides new opportunities for young Europeans to engage in solidarity activities across Europe, to gain invaluable experience, to develop their skills, and to make a contribution to society.

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