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Wanted: European Personalities

Who represents European values to you? Who is your favourite European personality? Take part in our "60 European personalities" selection and nominate your candidate!

Think wide open – there is no time frame (so travel freely throughout the ages), no borders (so you can go beyond your own country), no specified field (can be science, politics, arts, sport, education, academia (…)) - who comes to your mind whom you would call a great European?  Who, because of his or her dedication and achievements to build "a better future" for Europe, to promote the European values or to improve the widely understood common good of Europe's people, could be called a European personality? Let us know whom you perceive as extraordinary personalities who have left their footprints in shaping a better Europe! Post your candidate/nominee on our Facebook or Twitter accounts  by using the hashtag #EUNARRATIVE

We will use those selected 60 personalities as examples and/or sort of models to follow that can inspire others during our continuous dialogue with European citizens about EU values and priorities and about the future of Europe. We welcome your input to have the EU citizens' perception on the best representatives of EU values.

We look forward to receiving your proposals by 11 March 2018!

Published: Mon, 19/02/2018 - 16:14

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