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Buying green - make your consumer choices count

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Our survival relies on the Earth’s natural resources, but if we keep using them the way we have been they might run out faster than we think. We need to wake up and be more aware.

Time for change

Our excessive consumption is draining the Earth’s resources and endangering the welfare of future generations. If we go on like this, by 2050 we'll need another planet's worth of resources to satisfy demand!

But we can turn the situation around by changing our lifestyles and adopting green consumption habits.


Do more with less

It's time to rethink our routines, ask more questions about where products come from and how they were produced, avoid waste, make sustainable choices, read labels more carefully, reuse and recycle, and make space for nature.


Generation Awake: a little goes a long way

Generation Awake is for people who want to live life to the full without destroying nature. Get tips on small, smart changes you can make to your daily routine, and learn how your choices make a difference to your personal wellbeing, and to the planet. Being part of Generation Awake is about being more aware.

In Europe alone, we use 16 tonnes of material per person per year – of that, 6 tonnes per person becomes waste, and half of that is still being put into landfill. Generation Awake also tells us that we throw away 180 kg of still-edible food per person.


The EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is for products and services that have a low environmental impact. Look out for the logo in shops, on supermarket shelves, on campsites and when booking a place to stay. Use the e-catalogue to check the thousands of products bearing the EU Ecolabel in each country.