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Lions Clubs' international youth exchanges

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Sure, you can go abroad to study, work, volunteer or just to have fun. But what about just immersing yourself in the culture with the Lions Clubs International youth exchange and youth camp programme?

What is the Lions Youth Exchange Programme?

Members of Lions Clubs International perform local volunteer work to improve local communities. The Lions Youth Exchange program introduces young people to life in other cultures by helping you to travel abroad.

Exchanges. You can do an exchange anywhere there's a Lions club. Currently, there are 46,000 clubs with 1.4 million members! Most exchanges last 4-6 weeks and you will stay with one or more host families in another country. You will meet people your age from around the world, make friends, learn about what bonds you and what makes you different and more.

Camps are 1 or 2 weeks long, often include a family stay and include visits to places of cultural and natural interest.


Who can apply?

To take part in a Lions Youth Exchange you must:

  • be between 15 and 22 years old
  • have a basic knowledge of the language of your host country
  • be ready to represent your community, country and the sponsoring Lions club
  • provide proof of insurance (health, medical, travel) and a liability release agreement


How to apply?

  1. Contact your local Lions club for sponsorship or a district Youth Camp and Exchange chairperson listed in the Youth Camp and Exchange Directory
  2. Complete an application
  3. Once sponsorship and signatures are obtained, the application will be forwarded to potential host Lions to confirm your exchange.


Story of a youth exchange

Stephanie Theyssen, from Lions Clubs Belgium, went to Hawaii in 2011.

"This youth camp changed my life in many different ways. [It] gave me balance: spiritual, cultural, independence, confidence (from talking to all the different Lions Clubs and performing for them) and social (Ohana, treat every single one in this society like he/she is your own family and help each other in every possible way). Thank you so much for this great experience. Mahalo!"


Published: Fri, 15/03/2013 - 13:46

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