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Youth websites outside Europe

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Expand your horizons beyond Europe! These websites for young people are a great way to start.

Australian Youth Portal – Australian Government's website covering health, education & work, culture, environment, finances and more.


Ibero-American Youth Organisation (in Spanish and Portuguese only) – is an international organisation that brings together youth agencies in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Focusing on the inclusion, integration and cooperation of young people, with news, events, videolinks and links to national organisations


South African Youth Portal – run by the National Youth Development Agency who focus on youth development and young people's issues. Find out about working life and getting a job, bursaries, health, starting your own business and learning new skills.


Youth Canada – practical information on jobs, careers, travelling abroad, education, money, health, services for young people and more..


The Youth Portal for Latin America & the Caribbean – aimed at youth networks, organisations and groups, and people working with youth in Latin America and the Caribbean. With forum, newsletter, library and information citizenship, culture, education, environment, leisure, work, health, lifestyle and volunteering.



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