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How the EU Solidarity Corps helps jobseekers climb the career ladder

24-year-old Marta De Bonis from Lecce in Italy has just embarked upon an exciting new professional adventure with the help of the European Solidarity Corps.

This brand-new initiative provides volunteer and work opportunities for young people which benefit local communities in other EU Member States.

Marta obtained a master’s degree in International Economics and Politics of Eastern European Countries in 2016, but on completion she found herself in an extremely competitive job market. Having concentrated so hard on her studies, she had little professional experience to give her the edge she needed to get her first break.

Thankfully, she knew just where to go to get advice, and she got in contact with her local EURES office. Soon, Marta’s personal EURES Adviser had helped her secure a six-month internship at the European Parliament.

Several months down the line, as she approached the end of her internship, Marta knew she had to start preparing for her next step. She spent hours upon hours perfecting her CV and writing cover letters, tailoring them to the specifics of each vacancy.

Meanwhile, Marta’s adviser was providing details of all the existing opportunities within EURES, including targeted mobility schemes such as Your First EURES Job and the EU Solidarity Corps, as well as other EU-funded opportunities like EU Aid Volunteers, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and the Erasmus+ scheme.

Through her research, Marta found the professional path she wished to follow: development and cooperation. In this case, the EU Solidarity Corps was the perfect tool for Marta to gain experience.

The next steps were to find paid training opportunities in the field for Marta to apply to, and then for her adviser to get in touch with the employers and explain the project and the benefits for both them and the applicant.

Soon her adviser had convinced an interested employer to sign up to the EU Solidarity Corps and Marta went through the interview process. Marta’s application proved successful and she is now undertaking a six-month internship as an Advocacy Assistant for the Fair Trade Advocacy Office.

Speaking about her personal experience, Marta explained, “Without the support of EURES Lecce I wouldn’t have achieved my goal. They supported me, on almost a daily basis, with advice, info, suggestions, and encouraged me even in the darkest moments!”

No matter what field you are interested in, EURES is on hand to advise you on the wide range of opportunities and initiatives such as the EU Solidarity Corps. If you are up for a challenge, and willing to dedicate yourself to helping other people, then join the EU Solidarity Corps today!


Article written in partnership with EURES, the European Job Mobility Portal