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Young entrepreneurs – start your own business

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What better way to find a job than creating your own?

Entrepreneurship is about turning your ideas into action. This takes hard work and an appetite for calculated risks.

The key is to innovate – develop new products or services that no one's ever done before, or in places where they weren't available.

Capture any idea that occurs to you, no matter how whacky it might seem. Then you can refine your thinking, brainstorm with others, and start to develop a business plan – a structured document that outlines your goals and how you want to achieve them.

And of course you don’t have to go it alone – you can start a business with friends, colleagues or family members. It may well make sense to team up with people who have different business skills to and experience to you.


Practical information & advice

Find out if entrepreneurship is the right thing for you with Entrepreneur Envoy.

If your business is already set up, the Enterprise Europe Network can help you make the most of the European marketplace.


Training and mentoring

Need some help getting started? The i-genius academy has online courses and training available.