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© - Tom_Wang
Better do some research! Start by checking the information on the websites below that we have selected to guide you in your choice of country, university, programme and possible scholarships.

Study in Europe

This website shows universities and colleges, tuition fees and bachelor’s and master’s programmes in each European country. As studying abroad also requires some budget planning, you can also compare countries on the basis of their tuition fees for EU and non-EU students.



This platform aims to bring transparency to the many study opportunities in Europe and beyond. You can look for bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes in the field of study you're interested in, from a database of thousands of programmes. You can also browse the database by country to see what studies are on offer in your area of interest.



Don’t know where to study? This website helps you find a university that matches your wish list: compare universities on research expenditure, international orientation and size, for example, or explore the profile of a specific university you're thinking of studying at. Also, you can check one of the readymade rankings to see how your potential future university scores on various criteria.


Read more about applying to study in Europe and get advice on how to choose a course on the European Commission's Study in Europe Portal. And if you want to know what documents are needed to enter your chosen country, check the EU Immigration Portal for information on visa requirements.


Studying abroad is a great experience and doesn't need to swallow up all your savings! Look for scholarships in the field of study you're interested in and you might get your tuition fees partly or fully covered. All that remains is to pack your bags and move!

Published: Thu, 06/11/2014 - 11:49

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