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New Narrative for Europe - Discover the project

We want you! Europe needs your ideas, creativity, and energy. A new narrative for Europe starts with your voice!

The New Narrative for Europe is a project of the European Commission which aims to bring Europe closer to its citizens, revive a European identity and stimulate a critical discussion on European values and priorities among young people.


Join the debate now!

Have your say about the future of Europe by going to the online consultation that is running right now!


In 2014 representatives from the world of culture and science presented the declaration "The Mind and Body of Europe", which contributed to a reflection on the European narrative, and highlighted how the European Union is not only about economic cooperation but also about cultural unity and common values.


However, this is not enough. In the never-ending process of "making Europe", its younger citizens need to come together to discuss Europe's future, engage, share ideas, listen to each other and develop a European public space of debate.


With the participation of young people, eighteen debates took place in the Member States to discuss the future of Europe throughout 2016. Prominent subjects were, i.e,  how to address a lack of inclusion and unity in European societies, learning at school about European matters, how to increase youth participation in civic and political life, how to  make the most of  social media / modern technology tools for empowering citizens.


Herewith the main conclusions for each event, find out what your peers around Europe think!


The European Commission also asked you to join its initiatives on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and we want to thank you for your proactive reactions!


You can have a look at the results from the photo competition #MyEuropeMyFuture and the #TellUsIn12 competition on:



Get inspired!

The Trainees of the European Commission have already given their ideas about what a future Europe may look like. Watch this video and see if your vision matches their views!


The Europe Thing


The EuropeThing



Be creative!

There are many ways to express yourself and talk about serious subjects, without nonetheless taking life too seriously.


DG Drama from the March 2016 Bluebook Trainees session, talked about everyday Commission life in its play "Voice from Europe". It's the story of a new employee to the Commission and her team, progressively discovering citizens' perspectives on European processes.


"Voice from Europe"



Video Description: 
"Voice from Europe"

Staged on 16 July 2016 in Bozar, Brussels:


Can you think about alternative solutions to handle everyday, yet, important subjects?


Meet up!

On 18 January 2017, Commission Trainees held the "Are you up for Europe?" event, to get together and discuss crucial subjects of European actuality, using the participatory leadership methodology.


Furthermore, the New Narrative for Europe was introduced to the public at the event, to expand awareness. But, it's not only about discussing, the participants established several projects to be carried on, in order to make it possible for the EU to reach people. News coming soon!


Are you up for Europe?


Think Young Think Europe: "Are you up for Europe?" Participatory event 18/01/2017 Brussels

Video Description: 
Are you up for Europe?


Do you also want to meet young people sharing your interests? Don't forget Youth Week in Brussels during the first week of May 2017! You'll soon be able to check out your possibilities of participation here:


The first stage of the project

Responding to the call of the European Parliament and Commission, a group of prominent cultural figures presented a declaration entitled "The Mind and Body of Europe".


In October 2014, the contributions to the project were published as a book, "The Mind and Body of Europe: A New Narrative", to provide an accessible, attractive and lasting resource to promote continued debate on the issue.


The New Narrative for Europe project was re-launched in February 2016 by Tibor Navracsics, the EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport and took place in February 2016 at an event in Brussels.


You can view the Storify from the event below:



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