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Advertising your volunteering project on the European Youth Portal

How to advertise for volunteers for your project through the European Youth Portal.

Thank you for your interest in using the European Youth Portal (EYP) to advertise for young people to volunteer in your project.


If you want to recruit young people for a project under the EU's European Voluntary Service programme (EVS), and your organisation is accredited for EVS under the new Erasmus+ programme, then the good news is that you are already pre-authorised to use the EYP's Volunteering Database. Download the User Guide for the database by clicking on the following document:



For technical reasons, if your organisation was accredited under the previous Youth In Action programme, then unfortunately you cannot log in and use this database. But one of your EVS project partners that is accredited under Erasmus+ can log in and create the advertisement for the project, and link your organisation to it.


If you want to promote a project which is not part of the EVS programme, please contact your local Eurodesk organisation for information on how to promote your project through Eurodesk's volunteering database, Last Minute Offers (LMO). It is planned that the projects listed in the LMO will be shown in the EYP's Volunteering Database by summer 2016.


For more information about how your organisation can become accredited to run projects funded by the European Voluntary Service programme, click here.

Published: Wed, 24/09/2014 - 09:26

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