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Mobility opportunities for artists

Want to bring your creativity to a new setting? Young artists can now avail of countless opportunities to find inspiration abroad!

The movement of artists between countries plays a major role in cultural diversity. By travelling beyond borders you can extend your scope of activities, make your creations evolve, exchange experiences and learn from other artists. As creative talent moves throughout borders, cooperation and fruitful exchanges are made possible between creators from diverse cultural backgrounds and artistic traditions.


How do I begin?

Before you decide to leave, you need to know why you’re going! Be sure to list your motivations for staying and working elsewhere. Included in this list should be the artistic facilities you will need access to, what skills you want to hone, and whether or not the area you’re moving to is suitable!

Once you have these factors decided, you will need to begin thinking about funding. Funding from organisations and educational institutions  can vary, but the European Commission have made it easier to obtain funding through Creative Europe, details of which you can find here.  

You can also partake in great programmes such as the Bogliasco foundation and UNESCO-Aschberg Bursaries.  

Worried about the change in scenery? Check out this article on going to live abroad to make the transition as smooth as possible!  


Where to look

Trans Artists Foundation is a knowledge centre on cultural mobility, with a strong focus on artist-in-residence programmes.

Erasmus+ youth exchanges offer a large variety of mobility opportunities.

On the move is a cultural mobility information network, with an overview of upcoming deadlines, guides and toolkits.

Residency unlimited is a free service that delivers up-to-date information about art residencies worldwide.

Res artis is a worldwide network of artist residencies.

The Eurodesk Opportunity Finder is frequently updated to make sure you never miss out on a chance!

Published: Tue, 04/09/2018 - 16:19

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