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Take a STEP beyond with the European Cultural Foundation

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The ‘ECF STEP Beyond Travel Grant’ funds emerging artists and cultural workers to explore and to exchange views, skills and inspiration within Europe and neighbouring countries. Sound interesting?

The European Cultural Foundation supports projects that follow three main principles: empowering people through art and culture, connecting sources of knowledge, and linking cultural policy and practice.


Are you eligible to apply?

If you are an artist or a cultural worker under the age of 35 from an European or neighbouring country, then yes. The ECF supports all kinds of artistic and cultural expression: music, visual arts, theatre, dance, film, documentary, multimedia, photography, design, fashion and cultural-capacity building. If you are still not sure, try out ECF’s eligibility wizard to find out whether you should apply!



There are no fixed deadlines for the STEP beyond programme, so you can submit your application throughout the whole year. Make sure you read the application guidelines beforehand! Usually the selection process takes up to one month, but it can take longer during holiday periods.


Background information

Since 2003, STEP - ‘Supporting Travel for European Partnerships’ - Beyond Travel Grants have supported the movement of hundreds of people across European borders. In 2011, ECF awarded 261 individual travel grants (for 845 applications) ranging from €250 to €700 each.


Published: Tue, 12/03/2013 - 16:10

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