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Fighting discrimination

Discrimination can only thrive if it is met with silence. Find out ways in which this breach of your rights is being fought against on a daily basis.

The right to non-discrimination is fundamental to all citizens. Though it may come in many forms, discrimination is beatable in today’s world.


Organisations leading the way

Combatting discrimination is of benefit to all of society, so why not find out how you can get involved with organisations who work tirelessly to do so?

Below are just some examples of groups who undertake terrific projects to fight discrimination:


Many of these organisations receive funding from the European Commission, who are playing their part to end discrimination!  


Your Community in action

Many great initiatives have been launched to fight discrimination in our community. Check out some great examples of ordinary people committing to protecting the rights of other!


Published: Wed, 29/08/2018 - 15:54

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