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Your Europe – living, working & travelling in the EU

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Wondering what formalities you’ll have to go through when you move to another EU country? Will you have to register? Can you claim benefits? What if your flight is cancelled? Your Europe has the answer!

The Your Europe website is full of information and advice on life, work and travel in the EU, and  if you need to ask a question about your EU rights, Your Europe Advice is a team of independent legal experts who can:

  • provide free and personalised advice in your language, within a week
  • clarify which country’s laws apply to you
  • explain how you can exercise your EU rights


Ask your question

You have 2 options:

  1. online via the web form
  2. by phone to Europe Direct, calling the number 00800 6 7 8 9 10 11 for free from anywhere in the EU

Before submitting your question, you should check what questions Your Europe can help with.


Success stories

Your Europe Advice has a multilingual team of 50 lawyers handling over 12 000 questions each year:

  • ‘Through your help we have been able to recover €429 from our telecom operator.’ (A British citizen in France)
  • ‘I needed a not too technical legal answer and was pleased to receive a really understandable one.’ (An enquirer from Marseille)
  • ‘Your advice enabled me to claim family benefits in Austria. (A Polish citizens employed in Austria)
  • A British person wants to travel with her non-EU husband from one EU country to another, where she has a family home - but is having difficulties getting a visa for him. Thanks to advice from Your Europe Advice, her spouse is able to travel without undue formalities.
  • An Austrian holding a UK diploma as a dental technician is told he cannot set up his business in Austria. Your Europe Advice tells him about the relevant formalities and the documents to be produced, and directs him to the Austrian authority that can help him further.



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