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Your Rights Online

Internet and social media usage has become a part of everyday life throughout Europe, but what are you rights while browsing the web?

Whether it be for news, sports, entertainment or study, most of us will be online each and every day. Knowing your rights online can help when shopping, in adhering to copyright, and in avoiding being exploited.


Shopping Online

Online shopping has become a time friendly and convenient way to pick up a bargain. With a few clicks you can have goods delivered right to your door, but what can you do if your product is not what you expected? Your rights for guarantees and returns should cover you up to 14 days after a purchase is made.  

Inform yourself about your rights to avoid issues when buying online here!


Online copyright

For those who are digitally creative (photographers, bloggers and podcasters, to use some examples), knowing what copyrights might impact your work can be very important. The European Commission has set directives on this topic, which might help avoid future issues for you!   


Hate Speech

Often people use the internet as a medium to anonymously ‘troll’ people. To prevent this, the No Hate Speech Movement is a youth campaign to encourage young people to stand up for human rights and combat online hate speech (e.g. racism, homophobia and sexism and other types of cyberbullying).

Through speaking out against online abuse, you can make the web a safer place for all!  

Published: Wed, 29/08/2018 - 12:21

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