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Re-open EU: a web platform to relaunch tourism in Europe

To make it easier for tourists to safely plan their holiday in Europe, the European Commission has launched "Re-open EU", a web platform with updated information from the member states.

Should I wear a facemask? Are the borders open? Can I take a plane to reach my destination?

Currently, these type of questions are an everyday occurrence and it may be complicated to find trustworthy information since the rules adopted in the EU countries are various.

This is when "Re-open EU" comes in handy, representing a great tool for tourists. The recently launched web platform provides information about borders, means of transport, travel restrictions, public health and safety measures such as physical distancing or the wearing of facemasks.

Travellers can easily select their destination thanks to an interactive map and find out updates on national measures. 
The content is frequently updated and available in 24 languages. 

Check the "Re-open EU" website and get ready to book your next European trip. 

Published Fri, 19/06/2020 - 08:51
Last updated on Wed, 22/07/2020 - 15:39

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