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Travelling in Europe

Did you know that for a period of three months you can travel around Europe without a visa? Find out here how to prepare your journey!

Since December 2009, citizens of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia have been able to travel visa-free to the EU’s Schengen zone for a period of 90 days in a six-month period. The same applies for citizens of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina since December 2010.


Which documents do I need to take with me during my trip?


To travel around those different European countries, you must hold a biometric passport, proof of health insurance and necessary funds to cover the cost of travel and your visit.


The amount of money is different in every country. You can check this information on the website of the consulate or embassy of the  place you are planning to visit.



Multiple entry visa


On the other hand, if you regularly travel to the Member States, you can also get a multiple entry visa with the term of validity of up to one year. You need to fullfil certain requirements.


For example, if you are a student participating in training, seminars or exchange programmes, or if you take part in international sport competitions, you can apply for a multiple entry visa.