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From Serbia to Japan through Erasmus Mundus

After finishing his Bachelors in Robotics at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), Nemanja Racievic decided to apply for an Erasmus Mundus Master course. Now he is getting his PhD at the Imperial College in London.

Find out more about his experience:


Why did you decide to apply for an Erasmus Mundus Master course?

Nemanja.-  I wanted to go abroad to study my Master’s because I wanted to study a specific part in Robotics that I couldn’t study in Serbia, and also because I wanted to have a bit of international experience. Through the website Mastersportal, I found a European Master in Advanced Robotics (EMARO), part of Erasmus Mundus. I liked the curricula and I decided to apply.


How was the admission process for this Master?

Nemanja.-  I sent them an application form, my grades and recommendation letters. In this programme you can get accepted with a scholarship or without but I had good grades in Serbia and I got the grant. As it is a Joint Masters Degree, you can choose within four countries where you want to study. I chose doing my first year at the University of Genoa (Italy) and the second one in Nantes (France). Besides, during the second year, you have the possibility to write your thesis in one of the partner institutions in Asia. I applied to do it at Keio University in Tokyo and they accepted me, so I also spent five months studying in Japan.


Which differences did you find between studying in Serbia and in a foreign university?

Nemanja.- The quality of studies was good both at my home university and in the foreign ones. But for example, at the University of Genoa we worked with better equipment, because the University has better finances. On the other hand, the studies were organised in a more independent way for the students. For example, we were given a mathematic problem to solve and we had to find the ways to do it. The students worked in groups and they supported each other. That helped me, for example, to learn Italian.


Was the Master useful for your career?

Nemanja.- Yes. I wrote my Master’s thesis in Tokyo on Mobile Robotics and I wanted to continue working in this field. There are not so many places where you can study this. One of them was the Imperial College in London (United Kingdom), so I applied to study a PhD and I got accepted. I am currently studying here.


Would you recommend this experience to other young people?

Nemanja.-  Definitely! This experience changed me a lot. On a personal level you can develop yourself much more. Apart from the languages you learn, getting in contact with different cultures make you see some things from a different perspective and being more critical. I think everybody should do it at least once in their life. 

Published: Thu, 23/06/2016 - 11:25

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