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Hi everybody!! My name is Juan Avilés, and I am currently doing a EVS

When I decided that I wanted to do the European Voluntary Service, the information was disperse and it was quite complicated to find it in the same place, so it took me a lot of time to find all the information that I needed about the EVS.

Furthermore, to make this amazing step you need to be sure, and in my case I had a lot of fears about what could suppose a year abroad working as a volunteer, far from you family, working with another language and living also in a country with a different language.


Because of that, I´ve decided to create a blog as my personal project during my volunteer period. The idea is to share my EVS experience during this year in order to set up a space of sharing and learning, trying to show what will mean an EVS in your life.


Here you can solve all the doubts that could rise up and discover more about the European Voluntary Service, like the support that you will receive from the National Agency of the host country during this period, the role of the sending and receiving organizations and the rights that you will have. Following the Facebook page you also will have access to all the updates of the blog.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Asociación Intercambia Málaga

Published: Thu, 05/01/2017 - 10:23

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