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Strategic EVS Training Weekend

Training weekend for 10 young people to prepare them for their month long short term EVS this summer. The training weekend was organised and run by the Coordinadora and Europa Joven.

This weekend 4 facilitators and 10 young people met in San Fermin to spend a couple of days learning about important skills in order to ensure that a successful EVS experience.

There were a number of sessions over the course of the weekend, each one with its own specific aim. We focussed on topics such as teamwork, cultural awareness, responding to failure, communication (including in foreign languages), combatting stereotypes, and reflection. On Saturday night we celebrated the cultures of a number of European countries, as the young people took the stage to present the countries which they could be going to this summer.

The idea of the training weekend was that the young people could practice and improve their key competencies that they will need during their EVS and their social skills in order to be able to handle any situation in which they might find themselves. It was also a chance for the young people to express their wishes, worries and questions about EVS so that we could all discuss them and come up with solutions as a group. Ideally, the young people can now head off to their respective destinations with the necessary skills and prepared to make the most of this great opportunity to learn from new cultures, people and experiences.

Este es un proyecto piloto para Coordinadora; aunque tenemos mucha experiencia en el SVE de larga duración, es la primera vez que enviamos y acogimos voluntarios de corta duración. A lo largo de los próximos dos años desde Coordinadora recibiremos en total 20 voluntarios, y mandaremos otro 20 para el extranjero. Creemos que este proyecto es imprescindible para que jóvenes que no suelen tener oportunidades como esta puedan beneficiarse de todo lo que ofrece. 

This is a pilot project for Coordinadora. Although we have significant experience in long term EVS, this is our first time sending and receiving short-term volunteers. Over the course of the next two years, we will send 20 volunteers abroad and receive another 20 here. We believe this project is essential for young people who might not otherwise have this opportunity to reap the benefits of what is on offer.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Vallecas

Published: Mon, 28/05/2018 - 10:14

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