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The Department of Education and Youth launches "Tengo una idea"

"Tengo una idea” is a project for the promotion of the youth participation . The Project is launched to students of 3 rd grade of ESO , that in group proposes innovative initiatives to improve the city of Segovia.

The young persons take part in a contest of ideas that includes different formative, playful activities and of advice, and that culminate with the project presentation before a juror composed by municipal authorities, his putting being made possible in practice more later. The aims of " I Have an idea " they are the following ones:

 - To promote processes of entrepreneurship and social juvenile innovation between the teenagers of Segovia.

 - To make the link of the young persons possible with their community and their development as critical citizens.

- To identify groups of young persons ready to develop an idea that improves some aspect of his environment.

 - To make the educational accompaniment  that facilitates the awareness  on the competences related to the innovation and the entrepreneurship and generate opportunities for the realization of diverse learnings: teamwork, cooperation, decision making, planning, etc.

- To visualize in the community the products obtained by the groups of young persons, to assist a favouring culture of the juvenile participation.


The groups will work on a project that satisfy  needs detected by the own young persons in the following areas:

 - Bullying and school coexistence.

 - Equality of kind.

- Vandalism and civil conviviality.

 - Habits of healthy life.

The groups  will expose in May the work realized before face to face a juror.

And in June participants will receive the awards.


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Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Segovia

Published: Mon, 09/04/2018 - 12:22

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