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Celebration of Europe Day

Santa Cruz de la Zarza, celebrates May 9th, as Europe Day at the Velsinia Secondary School of the City, with informative activities for young people.

The Youth Council of the town hall of Santa Cruz de la Zarza, through the Qualified Multiplier EURODESK, celebrated on May 9, the day of Europe, within the Compulsory Education Institute "Velsinia".

The event, to which all the students attended, was held in the center's courtyard, where a table with information on European resources and programs was installed with the collaboration of the youth correspondents.

At this table, you could find a guide to European resources, information about the ERASMUS + youth program. (SVE, youth exchanges ..., etc.) as well as all the information related to European institutions and European networks, so young people can have access and knowledge about  them.

Another activity planned for the celebration of this day, was the assembly of a photo call, in which all young people could take photos with elements of mobility, giving  greater visibility to the mobility of young people in Europe, inviting them to participate in European events and programs.

The European Youth Card and the Interrail, were also present in this event, where the local guide of discounts that the young European card offers in Santa Cruz de la Zarza was shown.

The day ended with a photo of all the attendees.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Santa Cruz de la Zarza

Published: Thu, 17/05/2018 - 12:45

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