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Youth and alcohol

Spanish youths begin more and more early to consume alcoholic drinks. The alcohol is the only drug allowed in the world and it is not considered dangerous until to appear the problems in the daily life .

The age allowed for the consumption of alcohol is of 18 years but at the moment, the type of night youth leisure and certain social flows, make that these begin to drink alcohol to earlier ages, as at the 16 and even, the 14 years old. It also influences the hours that they dedicate to the consumption since every time they return later home at night.

They begin to drink early, they drink quick and a lot. They finish very indisposed and the following day, they do not remember anything about they made last night.

Seemingly it is not an important problem because it only happens the weekends, one or twice. But the problem originates here, when they don't give them the importance of being "alcoholic of weekend." It is not well seen so, little by little, with the course of the years, the quantities of alcohol increase and the number of times per week also.

They enter then in the mature age and the problems of the day by day appear where easy and seemingly the alcohol "muffles" the problems falsely. A hairspring that he/she goes growing without realizing until the alcohol settles in its lives every day. The quantities increase, the frequency increases and the problem can destroy lives, families…

It is a reality that the Units of Addictive Behaviors (UCA) are increasing their number of patients. The alcohol is also a motivational to consume another type of addictive substances and the campaigns against its prevention they are already focused for the youngest. So… Stop and Think!

Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Alicante

Published: Thu, 04/12/2014 - 09:06

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