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Drugs: consume information

Drogas: consumir información
Drogas: consumir información
Drugs are the major cause of death in young people in Europe, directly and indirectly by overdose, diseases or accidents related to drugs, violence and suicides.

Drugs temporarily change perception and nervous system moreover they can create addictions, so it is very important and necessary to be informed of the substance that you are going to take, because it can be a risk for your health.


There are countless of drugs used as medicine for different diseases, although those used with a psychoactive or recreational purpose are the most consumed by young people.


Alcohol: It is said that you feel more uninhibited, talkative and happy, but also you can get more aggressive. If you have a certain amount, your reflexes will be delayed and also your capacity of response, unsteady walking and drowsiness may also happen. At high doses your vital functions such as breathing and heart rate can be altered and you can go into a coma.


Cocaine: Cocaine is an intense and short-lived stimulant with a high potential for psychological addiction. It can cause hypertension, heart arrhythmias and it can damage your nostrils. In a high intake it can cause convulsions and stroke.

Cannabis: Those who smoke may have a slowed thinking , difficulty in concentration and memory and a certain passivity towards usual daily actions . Is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, but it is also true that cannabis is very adulterated and most of the people who takes it they also smoke.


Synthetic Drugs (Pills): If you consume any kind of these pills, it can appear muscle tension, you’ll have an increase of your heart rate, pasty mouth and your jaws can dance a little. Your body temperature will increase so you can become dehydrated. Anxiety disorders, paranoia and depression may occur.


The list of drugs goes on and on and it is endless: opiates, heroin, morphine, sedatives, barbiturates, marijuana , amphetamines , nicotine , caffeine, former anaesthetics : GHB ( liquid or ecstasy ) , ketamine i the PCP (phencyclidine ) glass , LSD , peyote, etc. so you should know what you consume , how you mix it  , process of it’s adulteration and illegal matters in Spain .



Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Ayuntamiento de Silla

Published: Thu, 28/11/2013 - 12:44

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