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Just plant it!

How can help us a plant's presence in our daily lives? In this article we tell you what benefits we provide certain plants to combat everyday ailments

It is a thought that has crossed everyone's mind at least once. It could have happened as we were passing a flower’s stall on a street  or while visiting a friend's house and playing around with a miniature Buddha under the shadow of the beautiful bonsai. “I need more plants at home”. Only just the presence — or a simple thought — of nearby plants provokes an unconscious feeling of wellbeing. In this article we are going to discover that this feeling is not only linked to the aesthetic gift an orchid, a ficus, a fern or a Brazilwood gives our home. The presence of plants in our home also offers the undoubtful benefits for our health.

These are some of them:

  1. Plants can clean air pollutants. In our homes, we breathe the same air over and over again, inhaling potentially harmful substances that may be suspended in the atmosphere. Indoor plants help clean pollutants, including VOCs that cause many headaches, nausea and other disorders;
  2. plants can help fight the flue processes. It has been shown that plants can reduce influenza’s development by over 30%. This is because they increase the humdity levels and reduce the dust in the air;
  3. plants can prevent from allergies. Exposing children from early ages to allergens such as plants can help them to develop a greater tolerance and immunity for different types of allergies completely naturally;
  4. the plants are natural humidifiers. Instead of buying a humidifier to ease the air, just bring home a couple of plants. This has benefits for us because it helps keeping our mucous, throat and skin well hydrated. A study has shown that Marantha Raphis increases up to 5% humidity level in the air;
  5. plants decrease blood pressure levels. It has been confirmed that people with plants at home suffer from less stress;
  6. plants produce clean air. In addition to filtering chemicals, plants clean the air, improving the quality thereof around. One of the main activities carried out by plants is air filtration through a vital process called photosynthesis: carbon dioxide is absorbed and converted into oxygen which, again, will be ejected outside, renewing air quality;
  7. and the most important: Plants can make you happy. Indoor plants can contribute to our well-being and can make you more optimistic. Several studies have shown that patients whose hospital room’s windows face a garden recover quicker than those who do not have such views. The level of concentration and understanding increases and negative feelings such as fear or anger reduce. In addition, there is evidence that a patient recovers faster and better in the presence of flowers and plants.

    Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Lorca

Gepubliceerd: Di, 29/07/2014 - 12:18

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