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Traveling through Europe: What is the weather like?

Viaja por Europa
Viaja por Europa
In this article, we want to give some basic notions to travel with as much guarantees as posible of being prepared for the weather in the área. In this way we can prepare much better our trip.

When we decide to take a trip to some business, just for pleasure,  to take part on a EVS, Erasmus, or  Leonardo projet, etc., we must consider the place we are going to stay, the allowance, transport to get to our place of  destination, and so on. As well, we should check what is the weathe like in this area.

Europe is located in the northern hemisphere, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle .  Because of this great expanse of territory, we find a great climatic diversity. These  different time zones are given by the meridians . This topics must be taken into account when scheduling and planning for both leisure travel for work. In our opinión, a lack of foresight  can complicate our stay . This information could be useful for the best choosing o dates for our trip, and it is more probable that both leisure and labor will be a complete success in planning.

So, on our continent we can find various climatic areas:

MEDITERRANEAN: This climate can be found in the coastal areas of the Mediterranean basin, southern Europe; in countries such as Spain , Portugal , France , Italy , Greece , Malta, etc. , and their relevant characteristics are: The temperatures are characterized by mild winter, the thermoregulatory action of the sea and warm summers. Rainfall are rare between 300 and 700 m, and it is annually and irregularly repeated throughout the spring and autumn , where the hours of day and night are balanced. On  the other hand,  summer daylight hours are greater than the overnight hours , and in winter the overnight hours outweigh the daytime .
In regions where this climate prevails if you want a beach tourism and good weather we can say that the best months are July and August. If you're looking for cold and winter sports season, the best months are December and January. If you really want to make cultural tourism , with a comfortable temperature , April and May are the best ones.


OCEANIC : This climate can be found in northern and southern latitudes : West Coast of Europe: ( North West of Spain , western France , Britain , Holland, Belgium, western part of Denmark and Western part of Norway ) . The temperatures are characterized by mild all year round located in coastal areas. The average temperature ranges between 5 and 10 ° C , with little difference between the seasons. Rainfall is abundant on annual 1000mm repeated regularly throughout the year.


CONTINENTAL: This climate can be found in the Eastern and Central Europe (Eastern France, Germany, Poland, Austridge, Czech Republic, etc). Temperature is extreme as it is not influenced by the sea. We meant they are extreme with short hot summers and long and cold winters a. The annual average temperature is between 0 and 10 ° C. Rainfall is abundant around 1000 mm and occurs mainly in the summer season .
To a lesser extent and influence in Europe also lives a polar climate (very cold, little rainfall), a subpolar climate (cold winters, precipitation as snow, and short, cool summers ) , mountain climate (cold winters and precipitation as snow in height ) and finally we find subtropical climate (warm summers and winters, and precipitation as rain.


Written by Eurodesk Qualified Multiplier, Dirección General Juventud Castilla La Mancha

Published: Mon, 18/11/2013 - 11:26

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